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Boring vs Trenching: What’s the Difference? | Purple Wave


Boring and trenching allow for convenient underground placement of utilities that enhance modern living. Without the underground installation processes, it would be unsightly with the clutter and obst...

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Understanding EGR Deletes | Purple Wave


The world of emissions and emissions testing is complex and marked by regulations and controversy. A deeper look into the topic is essential for those considering bypassing emission testing or removin...

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The Ultimate Guide to Bulldozer Sizes | Purple Wave


If you have a major project ahead of you that requires moving large quantities of soil, sand or rubble, then it’s time to invest in a bulldozer. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with th...

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Tires vs. Tracks in Agriculture : Choosing the Right Path for Efficiency


Picture this: carrying a hot cup of joe, running errands in the early morning hours. A pit stop at the local diner or gas station brings on a familiar hum of conversation. Suddenly, a topic resonates ...

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What is full service?


Purple Wave is a full-service auction firm. But for anyone not familiar with auctions or someone only familiar with traditional, in-person auction events, that label may not mean much. What is full se...

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The Complete Guide to Combine Harvester Prices | Purple Wave


For farmers, a combine harvester is among the most vital pieces of equipment. It can also be among the most expensive. The average combine harvester price can vary between manufacturers as well as spe...

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Skid Steer Lift Capacity: Specs, Features & More | Purple Wave


Skid steers rank among the most popular pieces of small construction equipment — and for good reason. With a small size that belies the machine’s power, skid steers are excellent tools for the constru...

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The Only Tractor Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need


Tractors are the king of all agricultural equipment. Quick, adaptable, and unimaginably easy to operate, these machines can boost efficiency and productivity on your farm. They can also minimize labor...

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10 Benefits to Selling with Online Auctions


The age-old tale of putting a for sale sign on equipment and parking it near the road in hopes of attracting the right buyer continues to cease, especially with the evolving landscape of the online au...

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6 Tips For Buying a Used Semi Truck


Whether you are striking out on your own as an owner-operator or want to build up the fleet of your existing business, buying a semi truck is a huge financial commitment. A new semi truck could cost $...

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