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Small Size, Big Performance: The Best Mini Skid Steer Options for Your Business

July 3, 2024

Stand-on mini skid steers: they're compact workhorses and they're the unsung heroes of construction sites, landscaping projects, and pretty much anywhere else you need a machine that's small but mighty. They can take on jobs that nothing (and no one) else their size can.

As the years go by, these mechanical superstars are becoming more advanced, powerful, and indispensable for a number of jobs, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get a durable and reliable mini skid steer.

According to our in-house equipment experts, these are some of the best mini skid steers on the market this year. We included the best models for a wide range of buyers and applications. Whether you are looking for a budget, top-of-the-line, or a more specialized and unique model, one of these models will likely fit your needs.

Each model has its own features and benefits, and we do our best to explain those, hopefully simplifying the process of deciding which machine is the best fit for you!

The 6 Best Mini Skid Steers

If you decide it’s time to buy a new mini skid steer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $27,000 to $50,000, depending on the model and where you buy the machine. We understand that this wide price range might feel overwhelming, but it shows how important it is to thoroughly research and select the right model that fits your specific needs and budget.

Investing in the right equipment is crucial, so take the time to ensure you're making a choice that you'll be satisfied with for years to come.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best mini skid steers and compact utility loader to help you find the right machine for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites:

Bobcat MT100

Bobcat Mt100 Mini Skid Steer

The Bobcat MT100 stands out as a compact yet powerful mini skid steer that's perfect for a variety of tasks. This machine packs a punch with its 24.8-HP engine and 1,000 lbs lift capacity, making it a versatile choice for any job site.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Comfort: This model features an ergonomic design so that you can work all day without feeling like you’ve gone ten rounds with a heavyweight.

  • Versatility: The MT100 is a business owner’s perfect match; it works with over 25 attachments to make it simple to colpete jobs of all kinds. Talk about a multi-tool!

  • Compact Design: At just 36 inches wide, the Bobcat MT100 easily slips through narrow spaces.

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: The Bobcat MT100 is not only versatile but incredibly reliable and tough. Its compatibility with over 25 attachments makes it a multi-tool on any job site. With a compact design of just 36 inches wide, it can tackle a whole range of tasks efficiently, making it a perfect match for business owners needing a reliable and adaptable machine.

Toro Dingo TX 1300 Mini Loader

Toro Dingo Tx 1300 Mini Skid Steer

The Toro Dingo lineup of mini skid steers and compact track loaders is full of great options, but the TX 1300 Mini Loader is especially great for businesses needing a powerful machine. 

The TX 1300 combines the convenience, power, and reach of larger models with a lift capacity of 1,300 lbs! Its strong loader arm makes it ideal for tree care, landscaping, and hardscaping jobs alike.

Key Features

  • Simple Controls: Toro’s patented traction controls allow you to operate your machine easily. Use one hand to move the loader and the other to operate telescoping extensions and the loader arm. 

  • All-Terrain Tracks: This model’s thick and sturdy tracks are stable and secure on any surface, allowing you to pick up, place, and dump materials wherever you need to.

  • Extended Reach: The INTELESCOPE loader arm on this machine adds up to 26” of additional reach, and its telescoped hinge-pin height of 109” makes it a breeze to lift and dump loads over the side of a dumpster. 

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: Toro describes this machine as a "workhorse," and for good reason – it’s all about power and efficiency. With a lift capacity of 1,300 lbs and the INTELESCOPE loader arm adding up to 26” of additional reach, the Toro Dingo TX 1300 combines power, efficiency, and user-friendly controls, making it an exceptional all-around machine, making it one of the best options for a number of jobs.

The Toro Dingo TX 1300's description as a “workhorse” is well-earned due to its lift capacity of 1,300 lbs. Its robust loader arm and telescoping extensions make it perfect for tree care, landscaping, and hardscaping jobs alike, excelling in tasks that require substantial lifting capabilities.

Vermeer S925TX

Vermeer S925tx Mini Skid Steer

This machine is your personal chariot while you work through your day’s toughest jobs. The Vermeer S925TX Mini Skid Steer boasts a lift capacity of 925 lbs and features a six-inch ground clearance to ensure it can operate smoothly even on unstable terrain. Its 24.8-HP Kubota diesel engine ensures that it delivers high torque no matter where you’re at.

Key Features

  • Easy Maintenance: Vermeer has designed this model with simplicity and long-term maintenance in mind. Access daily service points whenever you need to by simply removing panels on the device. 

  • Comfortable Operation: This machine’s stand-on chariot-style platform makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing and stay comfortable while you work.

  • Wide Variety of Attachments: Mix and match different optional attachments to make your S925TX adapt to any challenge you encounter on worksites. 

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: From its operator-friendly design to its versatility, the Vermeer S925TX stands out as a machine that’s truly adaptable to your needs. Its stand-on chariot-style platform provides comfort and excellent visibility, making it easy to operate. The model's easy maintenance and wide variety of attachments further enhance its user-friendliness, suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros.

Boxer 600HD Mini Skid Steer

Boxer 600HD Mini Skid Steer

Say hello to one of Boxer's most efficient mini skid steer models yet: the Boxer 600HD. This machine gives you all the power you need for tough jobs, with a 24.8-HP diesel engine and the ability to produce 11.3 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow. Unlike older models, the 600HD also features a redesigned platform that gives you more control over your workday than ever before. 

Key Features

  • Spacious Operator Platform: The brand-new operator platform features plenty of legroom and space to stretch out, even while navigating tight areas. 

  • Precise Controls: Piloted joystick controls make it easy to use your mini loader to dig, lift, dump, and more. 

  • Superior Traction: The 600D has a track system that helps you move with agility across any terrain and makes light work of even the heaviest tasks.

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: The Boxer 600HD is a tough and sturdy machine that can withstand challenging job sites. Its track system helps it move quickly and safely across any terrain, functioning like a personal heavy-lifting all-terrain vehicle.

Ditch Witch SK800

Ditch Witch Sk800 Mini Skid Steer

If you need a stand-on mini skid steer that won’t let you down, look no further than this model from Ditch Witch. The SK800 is optimized for job sites large and small, with an efficient Kubota diesel engine, precise controls, and a customer support guarantee to give you extra peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Agility: This model's slender design and carefully controlled tracks allow you to weave around work sites like a steel ballerina.

  • Independent Controls: The SK800 uses dual-lever ground drive controls and an optional joystick to let operators control each track independently. Work all day long without a hassle. 

  • Durability: Ditch Witch has built the SK800 to withstand even the harshest conditions, making it an especially long-lasting and tough option. That means it’s also ideal for rental companies' fleets. 

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: The Ditch Witch SK800 has earned a name for itself as one of the best mini skid steer machines thanks to its fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Its dual-lever ground drive controls and optional joystick allow operators to control each track independently, making it a fine choice for professionals who want something smaller and more eco-conscious but don’t want to sacrifice serious power.

Kanga PW220 (The “Kanga Kid”)

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Kanga PW220, also known as the “Kanga Kid.” It is the cheapest, most affordable machine on this list. This small but mighty machine is the ultimate convenient and lightweight solution for businesses that need strong devices—it can adapt to a wide range of work needs without taking up a ton of storage space. 

Key Features

  • Versatility: While it may be small, the Kanga Kid has big potential. It can be used with all kinds of attachments–like buckets, forks, or trenchers–so that you can tackle any kind of job.

  • Ultra-Compact Design: The Kanga PW220 is one of the smallest mini skid steers out there, with a width of just 29.7 inches! If you need to maneuver through narrow doorways, gates, or tight job sites, this machine might be the one for you.

  • Lightweight Machinery: Most mini skid steers and loaders come in at about 3,000 lbs, but not the Kanga Kid. It only weighs 980 lbs, making it significantly easier to transport. It’s also much gentler on softer and sensitive surfaces.

Why It’s Worth Mentioning: The Kanga PW220 is the cheapest and most affordable machine on the list. If you are looking to buy one new, you should expect to pay somewhere between $27,000 and $29,000, depending on the dealer and any additional features or attachments included. For used models, prices generally range from $20,000 to $25,000. Despite its lower price, it offers significant versatility and performance, making it a great budget-friendly choice.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another ultra-compact, lightweight mini skid steer that performs better than the Kanga Kid. Its ultra-compact, 29.7-inch wide design allows it to maneuver through tight spaces. Additionally, its lightweight build, at only 980 lbs, makes it easier to transport and gentle on softer surfaces.

Top 8 Mini Skid Steer Brands

Still not sure which mini loader or mini skid steer is right for you? With so many options to choose from, it’s sometimes easier to focus not on specific models but on the manufacturers that make machinery tailored to your needs. 

Whether you buy used or new (or decide to rent), it’s smart to know which manufacturers have the best reputations for the kind of jobs you manage. Here are our top 10 manufacturers of mini loaders, each of which you can consult to find a range of models and attachments:

  • Bobcat

  • Toro

  • Vermeer

  • Ditch Witch

  • Kubota

  • Boxer (Morbark)

  • Kanga Loaders

  • Wacker Neuson

Each of these manufacturers is known for producing high-quality mini loaders that can cater to needs in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and more.

Buying a Used Mini Skid Steer

While purchasing a brand-new stand-on mini skid steer can be an excellent option, buying a used machine is a cost-effective alternative to consider, too. This is especially true if the price tag of most new models on the market seems daunting. You can often find the same industry-leading machinery at a fraction of the price right here at Purple Wave Auction.

Purple Wave is an online equipment auction company that lets you shop for what you need right from the comfort of your home. We offer a wide selection of used construction equipment, including the best mini skid steers from top manufacturers. 

Browse our selection to see what’s new, find a machine you love, and place your bid. That’s all it takes to find and save big on the best mini skid steer for your business! 

Here’s how to get started on Purple Wave:

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  • Get Your Machine! If you win the auction, your work is done. Purple Wave handles everything from payment to titles for you. We also offer shipping services to make your transaction as seamless as possible. We’ll help you ensure you receive your machinery quickly and easily.

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